never forget how to fly... (limelady) wrote in old_time_photos,
never forget how to fly...

i was in 4th grade...

so this is me & my brother dressed up for some event at school. i can't remember what, though. i am wearing my hot pink reebok high tops, and rocking a lavender jordache backpack. the building in back is the cafeteria, and you can't really make it out, but the logo on the building says, "Camino Grove Roadrunners". i also had no idea until i was in college that most of the rest of country don't have these outdoor hallways. but when the low temperature in the winter is 50 degrees, there was really no reason to have the school waste heating on hallways....

and this is one of my favorite pictures of my dad. he is 17 in this picture, which would date it in the 1965 range. he was a computer genius back then and invented some small microchip that won him an award, and we went to cal-tech for college.
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